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For about two or three years now, I've been collecting little ideas for shoots and keeping a vague list of them on my phone. Whether the inspiration comes from films, books, music, or my own daydreams, these ideas always find their way to a more permanent place. And even though I'm constantly building onto it, I've never really referred to the list until this month. I can't explain how happy it makes me to have a record of so many of these little visions, especially when I'm ready to plan out all of the details and bring them to life. 

When I first asked Keegan to shoot with me, I didn't realize she only had a few days left until she had to fly across the country to start the new school year. I was determined to construct a solid idea and shoot it before she left, so I searched through my list of ideas about three times for something that I could make happen within the next two days. Later that night I went into Goodwill and searched through every single shelf, only to find something so much greater than what I originally had in mind. Instead of a classic teapot, I found what looked like a magical genie's lamp. And that is how this fairytale of a shoot evolved into what it did.